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The management team at Expressway Business Loans has either owned, managed or work at a small business. And each of us grew up with parents who were small business owners. You might say small business is hard-coded in our DNA.

We understand the challenges of being short on necessary capital to grow to the next level. Or what it takes to get necessary investment financing. And each of us knows what it’s like to need a financing bridge to keep a business moving during a slow season or purchase real estate or equipment to expand your business.

We also know how wonderful it is to work for yourself but not by yourself. How amazing it is to grow an idea into something that can support your family, your dreams, and your employees.

That is why we’re so passionate about helping you and your business succeed now and in the future. We started Expressway Business Loans to help you cut through. the pain of trying to get financing by using the latest technology with old fashioned service. We provide alternative forms of financing – which means we have more solutions than banks. So, instead of spending your time on lengthy bank forms, you can stay focused on growing your business.



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